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  • SLPP Chairman and Leader

~~Despite the relentless efforts by Government and its development partners in fighting the deadly Ebola virus in the country, some senior stalwarts of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) are busy showcasing their presidential ambitions and partying big time in London, much to the dismay of patriotic Sierra Leoneans.
The likes of the former SLPP presidential candidate in the 2012 multitier elections, Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio, the erstwhile SLPP Leader and Chairman, Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin, and former flag-bearer aspirant, Engineer Andrew K. Keili, are all busy declaring their intentions to lead the party into the next presidential election.
Their leadership campaign in the Diaspora comes at a time when the Government and the international community are sweating it out in the Ebola fight while thousands of their compatriots are dying here in Sierra Leone of the epidemic by the second.
While the senior stalwarts are in joyous mood in London convincing their supporters out there that they are the most fitted politicians to take SLPP to State House in the next presidential election, other well-meaning party members are seriously helping the Government with innovative ideas to chase the epidemic out of the country.
The Mayor of Kenema, Chairman of the Kailahun District Council, the Mayor of Bo and other staunch party stalwarts in the SLPP strongholds are wholly involved in the Ebola fight in their respective cities, towns and villages.
“Unlike stakeholders of the party that are busy enjoying the festive season in London, we are working closely with the Government and the international community to eradicate the deadly virus from our country,” a party elder remarked.
Many of the SLPP stakeholders that spoke to this medium at the weekend suggested that the National Elective Council (NEC) should take stringent action against all those that are canvassing support abroad at this apocalyptic time in the history of this country.