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As Statistics Prepares to Conduct Census… ADM Condemns APC’s Undemocratic Act

The Alliance Democratic Movement (ADM) has issued a press release frowning on what the movement referred to as “undemocratic act of the ruling All People’s Congress party” following the ongoing allegations against the party about the recruitment process and political discrimination at the Statistics Sierra Leone Secretariat.

According to the release, the movement’s attention was caught because the issues are of national interest and that it finds it very disturbing and absurd.

The release stated that if the issues are left unabated, it will have the propensity to create social unrest and murder the country’s hard-won peace which Sierra Leoneans are proud of, adding that the movement will not sit and allow bad politics to jeopardize the peace.

The release highlighted that Statistics Sierra Leone is a semi-autonomous body charged with the responsibility of conducting every census in the country, including the recruitment of those the institution believes can help in ensuring that it carried out its operations smoothly with maximum consideration for credibility and transparency.

It noted that taking the recruitment process from the institution to the 19 local councils by the Government is a deliberate attempt to muscle the institution and to infiltrate into the entire process. That act, the movement stated in the release, will definitely compromise the entire process.

The movement therefore considers the act to be undemocratic and robbing off some sections of the society of their social justice.

“We were reliably notified that the Government is asking its party members to apply for the various positions needed at the secretariat and asking them to send their applications to the All People’s Congress Party Secretariat,” the release states, adding that, “This as a movement we find very worrying because it is an attempt to discriminate against those other Sierra Leoneans who are not supporting the party.”

The release also states that “the Government is a Government of Sierra Leone and as a people and country, it must cater for every Sierra Leonean and not only for its party members by usurping the powers of Statistics.”

The release furthered that the unemployment rate in the country is very alarming and that the movement is calling on the Government to give equal opportunity to all Sierra Leoneans and stop muscling Statistics Sierra Leone.

“We as a democratic and integrity oriented movement that believes in giving opportunity to all; we are calling for the postponement of the entire census process until after the ongoing fight against the Ebola Viral Disease is won,” the release states, adding, “The reason being that Sierra Leoneans want to see a credible and transparent process across the country.”

It concluded that “the movement will support and complement efforts of the Government, Non- Governmental Organizations and the private sector geared towards the development of Sierra Leone and its people.”