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1.The National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) wishes to implement an electronic document and records management system to mitigate the risks of information and document damage or lose resulting from hazards caused by fire, natural occurrences, malicious human interference wear and tear leading to document deterioration.
2.The Trust has allocated funds toward the cost of developing and deploying an EDRMS soft and intends to apply a portion of this funding to eligible payments under this contract, reference number: NASSIT/DST/IT/EDRMS/NCB/05/013
3.THE Trust now invites proposals from competent consulting firms to provide the aforementioned services. More details on the services are provided in the attached Terms of Reference.
4.A firm will be selected under the Quality and Cost Based Selection Method and procedures described in this RFP.
5.Detailed bidding document could be obtained from the Office of the Head, Procurement, after paying Le500,000 in cash at the Rokel Commercial Bank, Account Number: 1433403; Account Name: National Social Security and Insurance Trust, and presenting the evidence of same at the Finance Office at NASSIT, 32 Walpole Street, Freetown.
6.The RFP shall be delivered in sealed envelopes clearly marked: RFP for ERDMS, not later than 12:00 noon Thursday, 10th October, 2013 at Room 210, 2nd Floor, NASSIT House, 32 Walpole Street, Freetown.
7.Proposals shall be accompanied by the following:
    A valid Business Registration Certificate
    A valid NRA Tax Clearance
    A valid NASSIT Clearance Certificate
    Bid Security in the form of a bond from a reputable bank in the sum of Le 15 million
8.Bids will be opened immediately thereafter in the Board Room, 3rd Floor at NASSIT House, on the 10th October 2013 in the presence of bidders or their representatives who wish to attend.
9.Late bids received will be rejected and returned un-opened
10.Contact: Head, Procurement Department, NASSIT