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Use Airtel Money and get 50% Rate Reduction for Airtel to Airtel calls

Enjoy Bomba Moni with Airtel Moni. Top up with Le1000 or more and enjoy half rate on all your Airtel to Airtel calls for 7 days. Also, make any transaction with Airtel money and get 50% on-net voice calls for 7 days. 

Airtel Money enables you to use your mobile phone as your wallet or bank account to keep your money safe and use for almost any cash transaction at anytime.

With Airtel Money, we can all help to reduce the movement and interaction of people as anyone who uses it can do almost any transaction from their home or office at anytime and from anywhere nationwide.

Avoid standing in long queues while handling physical cash to our pay bills for electricity at NPA Even when paying for goods at supermarkets, mini marts and grocery stores, food and drinks at restaurants nationwide.

With Airtel Money, every Sierra Leonean can easily transfer money to friends and family or receive money from friends and family instantly from anywhere within the country and at anytime. We can then go to any Airtel money agent around the area or to any Airtel shop to withdraw the money from the phone and convert to physical cash. Sending allowances, family support, staff salary, donations,

With Airtel Money, we can all recharge airtime and buy data bundles for ourselves or for others at anytime without moving an inch and continue to use the internet conveniently or keep your chat media conversations with family, friends and colleagues in social and official groups

With Airtel Money, we can link our mobile phones with our bank account at Ecobank, GTBank or Zenith Bank to easily transfer money from our mobile wallet account and deposit into our account with the bank or withdraw money from our bank account through our mobile wallet account to use or convert again to physical cash through the various Airtel Money agents nationwide

With Bomba Moni enjoy Airtel Moni. Top up now or make any transaction and enjoy half rate on all your Airtel to Airtel calls for 7 days.