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Vice President Intensifies Social Mobilization Tour

Vice President Alhaji Chief Sam-Sumana continued his drive on social mobilization in the Eastern Region to ensure a zero Ebola transmission in the country by March, 2015, as declared by President Ernest Bai Koroma.
The Vice President, who was heartily received by his countrymen in Kayima, Sandor Chiefdom, Kono District, explained to the residents of the chiefdom that the Ebola outbreak manifested itself in the country at a time when the country was moving on a sound path to recovery and the Agenda for Change had recorded an unprecedented achievement that had motivated and inspired everyone to consolidate and build on successes for the next phase of development, which is the Agenda For Prosperity.
Ebola, he maintained, came in at a time when the Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma had laid the bricks for building a strong, capable and productive Sierra Leone.
Chief Sam-Sumana added that the country, unlike her sister countries of Guinea and Liberia, is suffering from an unprecedented public health emergency, the Ebola virus which surfaced itself at a time when Sierra Leone was about to take its rightful place among great and successful nations of the 21st century.
The Vice President reiterated that the Ebola disease has caused great challenges to the socio-economic activities of the country, adding that lessons learned from the outbreak have enhanced enormous opportunities to respond adequately to future outbreaks.
He applauded the people of Sandor Chiefdom for their commitment to stand firm in the containment of the killer virus and called on them to continue to collaborate with the President, international partners, paramount chiefs and the Ebola bye-laws in order to bring an end to the fight and restore normalcy in the country.
The Vice President warned the indigenes of the chiefdom not to be complacent because of the low Ebola recorded cases but to strengthen their surveillance and contact tracing activities especially along the border lines, stating that everyone is aware that leading the fight and commitment is President Ernest Bai Koroma's main drive as he is persistently warning every Sierra Leonean that the fight against the virus is not a partisan one but a national battle that all Sierra Leoneans must remain committed to until the battle is won.
Welcoming and giving update on the Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) in the chiefdom earlier on, Paramount Chief Ahmed Sheku Tejan Fasuluku thanked the Vice President for visiting his chiefdom at a time when the country was going through difficulties as a result of the deadly Ebola epidemic.
He said his chiefdom recorded four cases of Ebola and that he and his subjects, including the Chiefdom Ebola Taskforce and chiefs, fought extremely hard to stem the deadly virus from spreading in the chiefdom.
PC Ahmed Sheku Tejan Fasuluku said they implemented the bye-laws and imposed fines on any defaulters to contain the virus in the chiefdom.

Other speakers included Councilor John Tyre, who in his statement requested for a burial team, surveillance team, swab collectors and more motorbikes to enhance their Ebola activities.

Credit SLENA