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  • Director of Prison

~~The Bo Correctional Centre, formerly Bo Prison, is reported to be stranded for water as there is no pipe-borne water to serve the ever growing number of inmates who are said to be living in congested cells.
Our thorough investigation reveals that every afternoon, a group of prisoners called Water Party, escorted by prison guards, go out of the prison to fetch water at Kortugbuma and other areas, a situation which many Bo residents have described as risky as daring prisoners may use the opportunity to make a clean escape.
This press has been credibly informed that the water fetched in five-gallon containers by the prisoners is being sold to well-to-do prisoners at five hundred Leones per gallon and the pauper prisoners who cannot afford the five hundred Leones go for weeks without taking bath causing them to emit very bad odor.
Our investigation has also revealed that the prison toilets are overflowing with stinky fermented human excreta as the cesspit has never been offloaded for quite a long time now.
General food served to inmates is reported to be very unpalatable and is the bare minimum to the lungs of the prisoners functioning; the rest of the food is reported to be sold to the inmates some of whom are reported to have been detained for years without trial, one of them being an accused called Sulaiman Sow, popularly called Eminem, who has been in prison for over three years without attending the High Court.
When contacted, the Officer-in-Charge of the Bo Correctional Centre, John Abraham Kamara, noted that he had written several projects to alleviate the deplorable conditions in the prison but that most of his projects had fallen on deaf ears.
He attributed the appalling conditions in the prison mainly to the fact that the prison has outnumbered its capacity to provide good services, pointing out that the jail is now hosting thrice the number for which it was constructed.
John Abraham Kamara however recommended the need for a spacious prison structure to cope with the ever growing number of inmates.