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Weekend Football Encounter

As at commencement of the much talked about Premier League Saturday 14th at the national stadium in Freetown, league leaders RSLAF FC was denied victory over East End Lions with an outright draw.

Lions took the lead in the early minutes of first half of play with striker Omega Thoronka aka Amanky smartly dribbled pass the defence of RSLAF hitting the ball at the back of the net.

In the first half of play, the match was quite thrilling leaving both exhibiting exciting talents.

League top goal scorer Feh Coleman leveled the goal line for his side after the recess, correcting a silly mistake by the Lions defense, leaving fans of host side Lions in utter disappointment returning home after 90 minutes quite calm.

Hundreds that witness the derby encounter describes such as much more fascinating.

 Head Coach of Lions Abdul Bah aka Kaloga said the result so far was good despite the fans expectation of a win.

Kaloga noted his boys performed encouragingly better though.

“The team has stopped training for couple of weeks due to league standoff,” Kaloga said.

League top goal scorer Feh Coleman has had chances of scoring, but could not make it, as according to him, it was due to the inconsistence of the competition.

He describes his opponent performance as favorable, but noted his side had opportunities to take the day to their favour, but failed utilizing their chances.

He encourages his fans give their support to the team anyhow.

In another disturbing development, three out of the four matches to have been played Saturday 14th did not take place at all.

FA sources say the game between Bo Rangers and Diamond Stars was postponed for today owing to absence of references, who they say engaged in routine annual fitness test.

However, the Freetown City Football Club has expressed willingness to play in the on-going league, but asked for a week to enable prepare though.