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Who Deducted the Ebola Allowances and WHY?

Parrot is calling on the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) to come out publicly and tell this nation who instructed the reduction of the October risk allowances of Ebola workers in Kenema.

Many Ebola workers who received two million Leones for the month of September and for November and December received only 800.000 Leones for the month of October and those who were receiving 800.000 Leones received a far lesser amount, a situation which apparently disappointed and frustrated many of the workers who left the payment centre in tears. According to the officials of the pay team, they were paying according to the amount of money stipulated by NERC and so could not explain why allowances were cut down.

As the Ebola figures keep rising and falling, so the Ebola allowances keep rising and falling. But the sudden reduction of Ebola allowances is a very serious matter that should not be swept under the carpet and must not go unexplained, especially when we consider the way the workers keep risking their precious lives. Parrot is awaiting an explanation from NERC.