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Who’s responsible? Part II

News has gone all round that Danny is sick. He is so badly sick that he has not been coming for lectures and he has been bound to his room all day long.

 Marian is worried that she has spent a whole lot of money on him, but has still not recovered from the sickness. She has been milking her step father’s money to take care of Danny. She lied to Uncle Moses that it was her mother that was sick. 

Her step father would buy any kind of medicine she demanded. The bad thing about it was that Danny has never gone to the hospital but was instead treated by a colleague student; a medical student. Danny is known for his womanising. No one will what was wrong with him, but his condition continues to deteriorate. 

Marian became very worried as to what has happened to Danny. News has gone round on campus that Danny is HIV positive, and it scares too bad. 

I don’t know whether my step father has been using condom when doing things with women.  

“For the first time in my life i have got was scared over an incident; about my mum too.”

I know HIV is a dreadful disease, and i could remember when it happens to my cousin Mamoud. Mamoud, who was working as a DJ in one of the local night clubs has died from that disease. He was a womaniser himself. 

He sleeps with all the girls that will shout his name DJ Mamoud. He has a lot of women from; waitress to prostitute etc, he will have sex with more than one woman a day and that’s he has contracted the virus.

Worse of all, he was not using protection like Danny. His main girl Nanah, whom he was about to marry has narrated his ordeal to me, before her death two weeks ago.

Marian said Nanah was working in one of the local banks where incidentally she had met with her at a party, where her cousin was Dj too. 

She will complain Mamoud every time on the phone that he was sleeping with lot of women.

She has even caught him in the DJ booth at the night club where he was working with a prostitute making love. Marian said Nanah cried like a baby while explaining the incident on the phone

At point, we were in class when news came in that Danny is dead. That he died in his room on campus. 

The class came to an abrupt end and all of us rushed outside to chat about it. It was pitiful as we watched Danny’s body being brought out of his room by staff of the central hospital, who has called an ambulance. 

Marian was crying loudly but nobody comforted her. Everyone was running away from her because of the news that Danny has died of AIDS. 

As i stood looking at her, i realised Marain was not crying for Mamoud, but was crying because she knew how she has slept with Danny unprotected. That was terrible though.

 I went to my friend’s room to pick up a book from her and i met her crying. Maggie was crying bitterly. She has been sleeping with Danny too. And that was the reason she was telling me to tell my mom about the relationship with Marain and Uncle Moses. 

I tried my best to calm her down and even told her to go for HIV test. She refused at first that she is scared. But I talked to her and she agreed. I even told her that i will escort her to the hospital. 

We went there that faithful morning and the doctor asked if it was both of us and i said yes. We both took the test. I was negative and she was positive. Upon hearing the news she broke down in the room and started crying that her whole life was finished. 

She told me how she had a boyfriend that is a professional soccer player in Europe that was supposed to come and marry her 2 months from that faithful day. 

The day for the wedding is supposed to be on her birthday. Things where upside down for her, the doctor told her that she must be taken her medications and that can help her to live longer. 

We left the hospital that day and on our way she told me i must tell my mom to go for the test too, as according her, the doctor said it will help her too to live longer. For the first time in the whole episode tears ran down my chicks. She started consoling me too. It was frighten and terrible. I don’t know what to do. I was confused and i started trembling as i could no-longer walk. We both went to a nearby stand that where they sell cold drinks and order for a pint each. Both of us could not even finish it. That was one of the worse days in my life. I made up my mind that i was not going to lose my mom too soon. I want to confront my step dad, but i was scared. As I walk home, i felt like I was the one infected. But this time i was determined to tell my mum, no matter the outcome, she must know. 

I went home and my face was all dull. My mom asked me what was the reason, but I could not speak at first. But when she said insisted, I told her that we need to talk. So we made our way into the bed room and as we sat on the bed, she shouted. What? Talk to me?