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Sheka B.A Mansaray JR, a young Sierra Leonean has been awarded this year’s Africa Innovative Award during the African Business Leadership Forum and Awards event hosted by The African Leadership Magazine on the theme “Industrial and Marine Security in Africa”.

The program took place at the prestigious Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel in London, United Kingdom and attracted a host of youth organizations globally.

Mr Mansaray JR is the 5th innovator to lift Africa’s Innovative Business Excellence Award and the very first Sierra Leonean to be nominated and first Sierra Leonean to win this all African Pride Award.

The panel of judges insisted that, an incredible peculiar innovative instinct has been identified in Sheka, and that his youthfulness and self determination also placed a mark on his innovation, which makes him stands out in the crowd.

“His organizational approach to depend on its self-income generating activities by providing highly placed consultancy services in the field of Information Technology, Fine and Performing Arts, Business Tourism, Bi-cultural Exchange, Project and Program Development and Management has earn his organisation national and international respect and recognition. The organisation directs all its proceeds to the provision of Human Rights, Para-legal Aid and supporting the education of children in Sierra Leone,” one of the panelists said.

On receiving his award, the Sierra Leonean youngster said “Though I remain humble, I also proceed in that very high spirit of “African Pride” to demonstrate the bravest sense of responsibility to lead our Continent. I’m excited about this award by the African Leadership Magazine with the Innovative Business Excellence Award”.

He went on to dedicate Sierra Leone’s first African Business Leadership award to his country. “I therefore dedicate this Award to children who have lost their parents to our common enemy; the Ebola Virus Disease.”

Though excited, the audience sensed a deep pain in his words as he dedicate his award to the continent’s children whose grieve against this disease would forever linger in their minds as their families and loved ones are molested; buried in a wretched and pathetic situation.  Concluding, Mr Mansaray promised that he will create opportunities from this award to better the lives of his fellow African children whose silent voices cry in pain.

His award which covers a six year history of innovative breakthroughs, started on May 13th 2008. While there were rumbles deepening into the world economy, Sheka B.A Mansaray JR, a self motivating Sierra Leonean youth innovatively established a non-profit human rights and community development organisation called Art Resourceful Tourism Sierra Leone (ARTSL). The aim of the organization is to attend to down trodden children, sexually exploited women and unskilled young people whom he had impacted through these years.

In 2009, he established the Art Resourceful Tourism-Sierra Leone and attracted both local and international organizations especially after its achievements breakthrough in the then BBC Network Africa during the commemoration of the International Literacy Day on September 8.

Mr. Mansaray whose innovation transcend beyond Africa, made his organisation became the first international non-Organisation as its pierced through the British communities to set up the United Kingdom and Wales field offices on August 24 2013. That breakthrough supposedly energized this young innovator to continue an institutional drive to deliver charitable services without donor support.

As at press time, his organisation remains the only non-profit in Africa to run over half a Million Pounds programs on charitable work without any external donor funding or what so ever.

Quite recently, Mr Mansaray formally launched Sierra Leone’s first Live Recording Studio “Salone Finest” and this studio is to be used for the production of the organisation’s advocacy audios and videos and then complete recordings of musical albums. The studio can also improve on the Musical and Movie Industry in Sierra Leone and would result to provide employment for young people and as well promote raw talents across the country.

Mr Mansary is a poet and author, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Art Resourceful Tourism and currently serves as development consultant for several companies and non profitable institution across the globe. He is an inspirational speaker, known for his simple language and direct public lectures and his quest to promote African Business Initiatives.