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Andrew Keili

Fierce was the wild billow
Dark was the night
Oars laboured heavily
Foam glimmered white
Trembled the mariners
Peril was nigh
Then said the God of God
"Peace! It is I."

St. Anatolius
This is the tale of two captains. One who threw his sailors overboard for the sharks to devour and the other who after realising his mistake of ditching them threw them life rafts.

Andrew Keili

 The unemployment situation is dire. Many people looking for jobs eventually give up and start pursuing some self employment scheme, often for a mere pittance. Unemployment is hard to define because of its varied forms. Data on employment rates could have severe limitations in a country like Sierra Leone because of difficulties of reflecting the high levels of various types of self-employment and the number of people living below the poverty line. There is a direct correlation between the number of people employed and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country.

Andrew Keili