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As L.A.W.Y.E.R.S. (Legal Access Through Women Yearning For Equality Rights and Social Justice) turns 18 on Valentine’s Day February 14,  the organization has reaffirmed its resolve to continue to champion the rights of women and girls in Sierra Leone in spite of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak ravaging the country.
For the past 18 years the organization has been mainly promoting and protecting rights of women and girls through legal advocacy and representation but broadened their focus in the last 12 months to joining in the campaign to eradicate the EVD in the country.

Ahmed Sahid Nasralla

My phone rang at about 3.30 am one cold morning. It was in the month of December in the harmatan season. The place was really cold. It was very unusual for my phone to ring that early. I didn’t have a boyfriend and I really don’t have anyone overseas for any an unusual call.

News has gone all round that Danny is sick. He is so badly sick that he has not been coming for lectures and he has been bound to his room all day long.

 Marian is worried that she has spent a whole lot of money on him, but has still not recovered from the sickness. She has been milking her step father’s money to take care of Danny. She lied to Uncle Moses that it was her mother that was sick. 

A survey conducted by Action aid Sierra Leone has revealed that majority of women in Freetown, Kambia, Moyamba and Tonkolili cannot afford the usual three meals a day.

Women, the report states, are low income earners and so cannot meet their primary focus on the provision of healthcare and education for their children.

The report also revealed that even greater number of women engage in farming, the crops they grow are either bartered or are sold to buy other foodstuff from the market.

Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr.

I have been living with my step father since I was five years old; he has always looked at me as his own daughter. We became so close that  sometimes my mom even  show jealousy, but I have always teased her of my dad having a lot of women out there, since he was a handsome good looking guy.

My step dad, of course, works in one of the local mining companies as a logistic officer. At home we barely lack anything. We were not rich but at least had all we wanted at home.