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The Catholic Dioceses of Makeni is reported to have come in a timely manner to provide rice, fish, salt and other cocking ingredients together with soap and water to some of the affected homes in Koya and Mesimera chiefdoms in the Port Loko district where the Ebola virus is said to have escalated to an alarming rate in the two chiefdoms.

According to Monsignor John D Tarawalli of the dioceses, he has resolved to intervene because the disease is affecting the bulk of the community including members of their Parish. 


Koya and Mesimera Chiefdoms in the Port Loko district are two chiefdoms where the Ebola virus is making very scaring gains, a district that is desperately fighting to free itself from the firm grips of this killer disease, SLENA reports.

Stakeholders in the two chiefdoms have therefore recommended that in order to make the ebola fight winnable, authorities concerned should quickly remove corpses for burial and provide food and security for quarantined homes in the two chiefdoms.

Hassan Bruz