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Deputy Inspector General Richard Moigbe yesterday has called on citizen’s participation over rising security threat nationwide.

He made this disclosure while addressing journalists at the usual press briefing at the conference room of Information of Information Ministry eight floor Youyi Building.

He said the police cannot carry-out its operation in the combating crimes without the support of the public.

“As the criminals increase their activities, so also is the police implementing strategies that will overcome their own,” DIG Moigbe said.

Mohamed Kabbah Turay

Public Relations Officer National Power Authority Victor Wilson-Clarke reveals dealers of scrap metals are in conspiracy with road contractors in the stealing of NPA cables.

“Because NPA’s underground cables are copper metal- an expensive commodity in the international market- it is now being targeted by dealers of scrap metals and road contractors,” Victor Clarke said.

He said his organization NPA, is constrained in providing the much needed power supply because of the observed thieving of electricity underground cables.