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Freetown Mayor

The death of two renowned Sierra Leonean medical doctors by the Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) in two days has left most Freetownians in panic, fear and confusion.

The youngest surgeon specialist, Dr. Martin Maada Salia, 44, died of the virus on Monday at the Biocontainment Unit of the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, while Dr. Michael Kargbo, a Dermatologist at the Magburaka Government Hospital, also died the following Tuesday, four days after he had been admitted at the Hastings Treatment Centre.

Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr

Sources say Freetown City Council is bankrupt, and for now cannot execute its municipal functions.

They say FCC’s Chief Administrative Officer and other officials are looking at ways as to how they could raise funds to remedy the hundreds plus more of unsolved problems in the city of Freetown.

Our findings are that the City Mayor is reportedly having sleepless night, lobbying state functionaries including Non Governmental Organizations comes to their aid to save their necks from what is perceived as ineptitude on their side.

Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr.