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The Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs recently donated food items to disable people and children at Kpandebu Dama, Dama Chiefdom, through the support of Kenema District Council.

Kamal M. Barrie
Minister of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs

Fifty years old vehicle mechanic, Allieu Barrie, has annoyed community stakeholders at Gray Bush, Ascension Town in Western Freetown following his criminal and immoral attempt to marry a 12-year-old girl who was promoted to class six during last academic year at St. Thomas Municipal Primary School at Gray Bush. Councillor Maxwell Lebbie of Ward 382 in Constituency 108, the local chief and other stakeholders in the community vehemently opposed the parents of the under-aged girl for wanting to force their child into marriage.

Thomas Vandi Gbow

Our police personnel were heavily involved in patrolling major areas in the Freetown municipality especially the grey areas following the restructuring of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP). Such security patrols were very effective as a result of the availability of adequate logistics which enhanced their operations. With the help of the police, groups of community volunteers were also formed across the capital city to complement the efforts of police when the spate of armed robbery threatened the peace and tranquility of residents.

Cecil Cole Showers Jnr