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President Koroma

It has reached the Spectator that unofficial moratorium has been placed against statesmen paying visit to the Vice President.

That any Minister or government officers found making stopovers at either the home or office of VP Sam Sumana will unavoidably be susbjected to query by President Koroma.

Some Ministers, others etc caught doing things with Sam Sumana, be it a chat, or political talk, or national discuss have had themselves dealt with by the powers that be.

When recently at all times politicians say odd things against journalists, minds ponder and thought reminces instances where I was made to sleep in smelly cells of the central maximum prison for alleged criminal defamatory libel.

Since then, up until now, I have still not understood why state officials want all ‘shut up;’ not say anything of public concerns at all.’

In my pursuit examining the President Koroma’s first and second term regimes, I have left no photo untaken, no dirt ungathered and have come to the conclusion that at one point things were good, but rest completely ugly.

It is certainly not a lie that the APC under President Koroma is mixed with the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am also certain readers/analysts with cinematographic minds will accept as fact that in some five/six years down the line, strange things have happened; with few good things and a bunch of disappointing oddities.

Ibrahim Samura