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Inspector General of Police Francis Alieu Munu

Prior to the eleven years brutal rebel war in Sierra Leone, Pujehun District was notoriously known for its ‘Ndogbowusui’ incident, when a man called Sullay emerged with mystic powers and set the entire district on fire in the name of avenging the death of his uncle Kemokai, who was brutally murdered by some APC thugs immediately after the 1982 General Elections.

Thomas Vandi Gbow
beautiful work by socfin agricultural company

The People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) erstwhile Member of Parliament from Pujehun District has been extremely troublesome and obstinately obdurate in his behaviour towards landowners, chiefdom and district authorities, and the Socfin Agricultural Company (SL) Limited since its establishment in the Sahn Malen Chiefdom. Former Hon.

Thomas Vandi Gbow
Sahn Malen Chiefdom Turns to Works Yard

One of the reasons why Sierra Leoneans voted emphatically for President Ernest Bai Koroma in 2007 was when he promised the nation that he would create a business friendly environment that would attract direct foreign investment in the country. The President did not renege on his promise as hundreds of foreign companies have invested billions of United States Dollars in the country thereby creating job opportunities for thousands of Sierra Leoneans now benefiting from the operations of these foreign companies.

Demonstration of Good Work

Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Limited has cleared the air over the broadcast made over community and commercial radio stations around the country on the alleged trip made by the former MP of Constituency 88 in the Pujehun District Shaka Sama to Paris.

However, the Management have disassociates itself from having engaged Mr. Shaka Sama into any dialogue on behalf of Malen Chiefdom land owners as widely claimed, let alone inviting him to any meeting as stated in those radio broadcasts.

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